domingo, 25 de febrero de 2007

If you lock a million monkeys with typewriters in a room, they'll eventually write Hamlet

Right or wrong? Some evil reporters got a bunch of three year olds to finger-paint "abstract art" which they then smuggled into "Arte", Madrid's main Art Exposition-Gallery.

The critics on the video are describing this as a "tortured drawing" by a "mature personality, probably male", who has strong "repressed sexual urges". So much for two and three year olds.

viernes, 23 de febrero de 2007

You can say many things about the King of Spain but you can't say...

that he isn't proper. Or can you?

This happened two years ago, and the victims of the royal gesture were basque separatists, I think.

miércoles, 21 de febrero de 2007

You suck if...

As writers we sometimes have trouble detecting when our work sucks. The next couple of entries will be devoted to the clues that indicate that your book/story/novel/encyclopedia/whopper sucks.

Number 1: You suck if you have to write your own fake reviews on Amazon

The Times has learnt that the new regulations also will apply to authors who praise their own books under a fake identity on websites such as Amazon[/quote]

This means two things.
a. Your work sucks (because nobody else will review it) and
b. You don't have any friends to do your dirty work for you. The true value of friendship is measured by how many people read your unfinished first drafts. If you can't get anyone to give you a serious review in Amazon, then writing is the least of your problems. Again, if your friends are good people and half as honest as mine, you might get a review in Amazon but it might go something like... "nice setting, didn't get what it was about, and what happened to the Reptilian Humanoids? They were in the draft that I read, and I liked them. How many times do I have to tell you not to kill my favorite characters in the rewrite, you idiot! By the way, party tomorrow, Tom's house. Be there."

This is what in Spanish is called "un amigo de la infancia de los cojones". They know who they are. I love you guys.

domingo, 4 de febrero de 2007

How do you shower?

Do you shower like a man?