jueves, 16 de agosto de 2007

Strange Horizons 2007 Fund Drive

The 2007 Fund Drive for Strange Horizons has been extended two more weeks. Everyone who hasn't donated until now has a chance to help meet the 2007 goal of 6000$. The current amount received is just over 4200$.

There are many good reasons to give to SH:

1. Strange Horizons has a unique vision of speculative fiction and probably one of the most interesting in the field. You may not like all of their stories, but at least they're guaranteed to surprise you. Fight the tedium!

2. With the dollar so low, 30$ is pocket change. Seriously.

3. The SH fund drives happen only once a year (at least this year). Although you can give at any time of the year, now's the only time you'll be pestered, cajoled or guilted out of cash.

4. Check out some stories

5. Did I mention there are prizes?

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