viernes, 14 de diciembre de 2007

A Whimpering Mess of Spiritual Constipation

Ok people, the big day is coming. I should have realized this about six months ago, but it hit me yesterday that my exam is on January 19th. That's little more than a month to revise everything that can come up in the exam--ie: all the Medicine in the World.

Some people say God is so obviously not a woman. Well, God is so obviously not a doctor either, or he wouldn't have all these diseases so complicated. The fact that these things kill people is no longer an issue. I'm studying to pass and right now, to be sincere, I don't much care about any hypothetical patients. Ever wondered how the empathy was beaten out of your doctor? This is how.

I haven't been able to write for a month or so (except for the micro story I wrote for that editor--he knows who he is). Ideas keep building up faster than I can bat them aside to focus on my books. Hell, even the books make me think of story ideas. And, guess what? Ideas spawned by miastenia gravis? Not so good. I'm spiritually constipated and ideas keep throwing themselves at the blockage. The blockage is January 19th. I wish once that's done all these ideas will come out nice and easy. But from experience with previous pre-exam idea barrages, I doubt that's going to happen.

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Gareth D Jones dijo...

Hi Sara,

I took my final exam last October after 6 years studying part time for a degree. The relief was amazing and my writing output has tripled since then. You won't know yourself afterward.

Artemisin dijo...

Sure hope so, but still. I have this nagging feeling that I'm the only one more concerned about working as a doctor than about this exam, if that is even possible. I mean, in terms of scary, being woken up at 3 am for a bleeder should be more adrenalin-making than a 5h exam. Right?

I find the moral implications of this highly amusing.