lunes, 21 de enero de 2008

No Mail Week

Still recuping from the exam. Man, I'm beat and my back is killing me. I guess I'll have to take it easy for a couple of days.

We've received no post for more than a week. Dunno what's wrong, but I'll call and ask tomorrow. Confirms my opinion on the Spanish Postal Service. Anyway, just wanted to mention it in the unlikely event that there's someone out there waiting breathlessly for me to acknowledge a letter.

I talked to the mail-man on friday and told him where our mail-box is, since I know they have trouble finding it. He admitted he was new and didn't know where it was, but he didn't then drop any mail in it, so I'm wondering if there's something wrong that is outside of this particular mail-man's control. He was a nice guy and he wore just a hint of make-up. Pretty balsy, wearing make-up to work like that.

Sucks, because there's a couple rejections that are overdue and I don't know if they aren't coming because of lack of mail or because the stories have made it to the next round. Rejectomancy out the window.

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