domingo, 25 de mayo de 2008

Portable Writing Devices and the Perils of Online Buying

So, I went and bought a cheap Zaurus 5800 from ebay. It seemed like a good writing tool, something that might get me writing on the bus-metro etc without having to transcribe stuff into the computer afterwards.

And it worked, to some extent. The keyboard is a bit small, but manageable and the first set of batteries lasted more than a week of very extensive use (some five hours a day, I had really boring classes).

But but but but. Connectivity. This may seem obvious to anyone who was self-aware in the 90s, but these things have proprietary everything: software, plugs, infrared, PCMCIA slot... It has a single line 15 pin slot the likes of which none of my techie friends have ever seen before and the device didn't come with its cable. I absolutely cannot connect it to the computer. And I have over 10.000 words on it already. I spent half of today typing and I'm still not finished.

Gaw, the threats of online buying.

Speaking of which; I'm thinking of an Hp Jornada 720 or 728. Any thoughts?

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