lunes, 27 de octubre de 2008

Sale! Shoes-to-Run to Asimov's

This is my third sale to Asimov's. Shoes-to-Run is a triumph of rewritting and workshopping. Thanks to everyone who helped out, particularly the folks over at Codex and Sean Markey who, as always, doubled as critiquer, motivator and submitter.

And now that I've reached my fifth pro sale, I can confess the Plan. The Plan is simple: when I sold my first story to Strange Horizons, I decided I wouldn't try for a novel until I'd sold ten pro stories. Eventually, I did try for the novel before then and the novel flopped. Hubris! I won't do that again. So, now that I'm 50% there, I think I can make the Plan public: I won't try for a novel until I've sold my tenth story. That looks achievable right now and, either way, I don't want to put myself through the trouble of writing something longer than a short until I'm good enough to pull it off.

Also, I just came back from Villa Diodati 3 and have all kinds of stuff to say about the workshop. But I won't say them now, because Villa Diodati deserves its own post and I can't really take more time off sleep. There was a 5 day vacation in the Canary Islands after that, which will also get a post. Hopefully. I'm kind of busy these days.

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Taher dijo...

Congrats, Miss Genge! :)
Sorry for not seing this before. Work has been crazy since I came back from Venezuela and I guess things are kind of messy right now.

Anyway, conratulations once more. I hope I'll be receiving updates about the Plan soon enough. Good luck with that.

Artemisin dijo...

Don't worry. I didn't exactly pick up the phone and call you about it, did I? And my blog isn't a top reading priority, not even for me. Work is more important.

Let's see how The Plan goes. So far, I'm going to try and write more, despite the Monster Job. We need to go grab coffee one of these days (or herb tea?). It's been a while.

rcloenen-ruiz dijo...

I remember reading Shoes-to-Run on LH. I loved that story. When's it coming out? Oh, and good on the plan. I am looking forward to that novel.