jueves, 25 de diciembre de 2008

200 subs. Stats

I've been writing and submitting since 2006. I created an account in Duotrope and logged in my first sub on July 13th 2006. By that time, I'd been subbing for a few months and had sold my first story to Strange Horizons so the stats here are skewed. My 200th submission (to ASIM) came back rejected on December 16th. Anyway, in case anyone is interested, here's some juicy bits of statistical nonsense I thought I'd share.

200 subs, 17 accepted pieces, that's an 8.5% acceptance rate, assuming that all 6 of my pending subs gets rejected. Of course, many of those pieces were subbed multiple times before being accepted and some of them are reprints which get counted several times. I told you the data was wrong!

A total of 12 different markets bought my stories. One market bought 3 stories, 3 markets bought 2 and the rest bought one each. Six of these stories were (or will be) published online only, 7 went to print markets (these may have online pdf copies available, but they're considered mainly print mags) and 4 went to markets like Shimmer who favor neither print nor e-formats but offer both.

Three stories were sold in 2006, seven in 2007 and six in 2008 which shows just how little I've been writing in 2008 (new job, new home, new life basically).

I don't know how useful any of this is, but here you go, my end-of-two-years stats. Enjoy.

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Sebastián dijo...

I'd say such an acceptance rate is not bad, although the quality of the markets accepting you is more important than the quantity, I think. Even for your ego, maybe. How do you feel about that? I would be proud if I were you.

Artemisin dijo...

I'm really happy with all acceptances but I've noticed that in the last year or so I've been getting more hits in the bigger markets, so that's cool. I'm all for quality and now I'm very picky with the markets I submit to.

I'm more or less happy with those stats: my only nit is that I haven't gotten almost anything done in the past 6 months (ever since I started working). I keep selling a bit, but that's the backlog. I don't even have time to rewrite stories that are probably publishable but need a bit of work and that makes me really sad. But that's life. I hope I'll have more writing time in the near future.

M E Silverman dijo...

I have never done this before-- intriguing way to begin, eh?-- but I am intrigued by your "Gong" story. I looked over your blog and saw an interest in book writing. I know you are a doctor and very busy, but if you are interested in a book, ma I suggest (as if it were any of my business anyway!!) on the world you already established in "The Gong". It is new and different, and in a way, reminded me of THE MAGICIAN'S APPRENTICE in the way it sets up the world and the inexperienced narrator. I did wonder how he could take a lover without the necessary part and if he was lover's with the king, but I think this character could easily be your book. It is different and wonderful from anything I have seen in a long time in this genre. I could go on and on but I am sure you are not interested in what little ol' me has to say.

Please consider as I would like to pick it up off the shelf of my local bookstore as soon as possible!

M. E. Silverman

Artemisin dijo...

I'm thrilled that you liked "The Gong". I'm proud of that little story and was wondering what people would think about it. I may just write something more set in the same world but I doubt it'll be a novel (at least not any time soon!). I hardly have time to write now and I prefer to spend the little time I have with shorter stories which also require a shorter attention span.

If you liked "The Gong", may I suggest you check out some of the links at the right of this blog for more of my stories. Some of the things you mention: the worldbuilding, the type of character, appear in more of my stories.

Thanks for dropping by to comment. You made my day.