jueves, 15 de mayo de 2008

Very Argentinian Synchronicity

On May 9th, Miguel took me to watch Tanguera, a Tango musical of sorts.

It reminded me of a friend from school. She's Argentinian and dances (ballet, not tango, as far as I know).

It dawned on me that I should google her and when I did, I found a blog with Happy Birthdays all over it. It turns out her birthday is May 9th and she's touring, so her family and friends posted Happy Birthdays so she could see them from wherever she is.
Her Mom answered my post and confirmed I'd found the right girl. From the looks of it and from what I could gather on the internet, she seems to be doing well career-wise.

I'm thrilled. What are the chances you'll remember a long lost friend on their birthday by googling them after watching a spectacle that, only vaguely, relates to them somehow?

To top it off, the editor of La Idea Fija, an Argentinian e-zine, contacted me to let me know that the translation of "Pretty Little Thing" will go up today or tomorrow.

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Ben Payne dijo...

Ooh, Argentinan! How exciting!