lunes, 20 de noviembre de 2006

Postage and no-boots

I mailed a story to SF&F today and the postage was almost five euros--not dollars, euros (evil grin). So I've done the math and decided I can't afford to mail subs; it's either email or nothing. I'll allow myself one postal sub every couple months but with my current success rate I really can't start flinging euros around. The story wasn't even that long, imagine if I had to mail out 5000 and 7000 word stories on a regular basis.
Today I met my dream boots. They went up almost to the knee, flat-heels so I don't fall off, pretty but comfortable. The leather was soft as if an esquimo grandma had spent hours chewing it for some baby. Idillic until I looked at the price. What's with being a poor student today? Ok, a student supported by her parents, but still...
I could start a Christmas "get out the gifts" campaign, but it's only November and I'm not good at weedling for gifts. That's a family gene I didn't get.

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