miércoles, 22 de noviembre de 2006

Truth by Consensus

Excuse my lag, I just discovered the term wikiality, defined as truth by consensus. I realize this was probably big a few weeks ago, but again living in the wrong continent has its disadvantages. You only get inside US news when the LAPD beats someone up.
The press is specially prone to creating wikiality. In Spain they have recently discovered that teachers get beaten by their students, that "bullying" (impossible to pronounce in Spanish) is an established form of suicide-inducing behaviour between school students and that "mobbing" should be used to refer to its equivalent in the adult world. This brings me to another topic: get yer English off my Spanish! or at least, please, please when introducing English words into Spanish, please make sure you spell and pronounce them correctly. I realize I'm not the best example of this, but do what I say, not what I do, OK? What's wrong with the good-old fashioned Spanish word "matón" (bully)? Why, oh why do we need to pump up the news with artificial terminology?
Well, thank God Colbert is there to show us the truth: if not enough people clap, a fairy will die, and if enough people say "mobbing" is a Spanish word, then so be it.

3 comentarios:

uno dijo...

Have you tried the real site?


Sarying witness dijo...

I know some victims of Sarying, but how would you say 'Sarying' in Spanish?

Artemisin dijo...

Uno: I did try to get into Wikiality, but I wasn't sure whether I am a real American or not, so I didn't dare to go ahead and read any of the pages.
Sarying witness said...: What does "Sarying" mean? I might be able to asnwer if I knew