viernes, 2 de noviembre de 2007

Neener from Interzone May Slush

Interzone bounced "Slow Stampede", which was being held from the Interzone May Slush. Oh, well, I got some comments on it that may help future rewrites.

I think "Godtouched" is being reprinted in Czech in Pevnost, but I don't know when. My Grandfather is Czech so obviously, he's very proud of me now.

And the Villa Diodati juice is still running high. I wrote a 3500-ish word story today and am typing it into the computer as of now. It actually has a less-than-depressing ending and a clear plot arc, for a change. Sword and Sorcery with an over 50 female sword-wielder as MC. Interesting voice to write in.

I'm going to juice it up with nice crunchy sensory details and hit some editor on the head with it, hopefully next wednesday when I pass close to a post office.

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