martes, 13 de noviembre de 2007

Uncle Kidney Wants YOUR Brains

The Kidneys are back, and they're wooping my ass. I've tried studying Nephrology in every way that is known to man or woman, and some that only Extraterrestrials with particularly quaint urethras could think of (sorry, Jason, couldn't help it, sorry, sorry, sorry), but I just keep forgetting it as soon as I've finished memorizing it.

I think they demand a sacrifice. Of my pickled brains. I'm not sure I'm about to give those up. I mean, you'd think my social life and sanity would be enough for the critters, but oh, no, they want my brains too.

And today, the Ear joined the fray--taking the Kidney's side. Now, come on! Otology was never meant to be difficult to understand (only funny to say). Finding, so late in my internship preparation, that even Otology is giving me hell, doesn't do much for my morale.

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