lunes, 11 de febrero de 2008

He's "not ready" to be President

Susie Bright puts it better than I ever could in this post.

And since today I feel functionally illiterate, I'll just quote her when she says:
I've often been in this place, where I am not "in love" with either candidate— by a long shot— and yet I'm outraged when either of them are damned with euphemistic racist or sexist evaluations.

Karnythia, on ABW, states the obvious: people, whether they belong to minorities or not, usually chose candidates for their politics and not for their race/gender. I hope you're not surprised.

On a totally unrelated note, John Scalzi has some financial advice on the Whatever, for all writers who actually believe they can make some money writing. Oh, and Nick Mamatas also has a money piece up on his blog. Weird. It must be tax time again for freelancers or something.

God, I'm so happy I'm planing on enjoying my non-writing career... And don't you love it when other people write your blog posts?

Anyway, there'll be a megaCarnival post soonish. I'm just too lazy to write it right now.

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