domingo, 17 de febrero de 2008


I'm sick, but that's not the bad part.

A friend of my mother's kindly organized for someone to give me the tour of an Intensive Care Unit, the better to help me decide which specialty I want to chose come April 3rd. The appointment is tomorrow and I'm sick and getting sicker.

My parents seem to be even more technologically challenged than usual: their phones are on, but they're not answering. So, I have no way of contacting this woman and letting her know I can't go.

Should I:

a) Drag my sorry contagious ass over there tomorrow morning and act stoic through the whole explanation.

b) Stand this guy up, knowing that this is a Hospital that is high up my list and that I may end up working with him. He'll probably have forgotten me in a couple of months, besides, I'm probably not going to be working in Intensive Care.

c) Profusely apologize later when my Mother gets around to giving me her friend's phone number. Hope the apology makes it all the way to the guy who was giving me the tour (unlikely)


Edited to ask: crisis solved. My parents came back from the beach and called me. Now I feel bad about calling them "technologically challenged", but I promise other times the excuse is a lot less convincing. Usually it's "we forgot the phone home", "we didn't hear it ring" or "oh, so that was the ring tone that was going off all night!" Of course, when it's the other way round, we're expected to have the phone on us 24/7.
(Don't mind me huffing: I'm feeling really sick)


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