viernes, 15 de agosto de 2008

Disaster Timeline

Day 1. Lost first patient
Day 6. Fight with bf. Breakup with bf?
Day 9. Electricity goes out in the house. Warm water is inexistent.
Day 10. Electricity repaired. Leak in water heater found. No running water in the house.
Day 11. Dirty dishes pile up. Dirty clothes pile up. Calm day at work with loads of time to think. Water heater people come. Water heater must be replaced. They can't cut the water to the water heater so that I can turn on the water for the rest of the house.
Day 11 afternoon. Plumber comes by. Figures out problem in water heater. Fixes water heater (totally not his job). Water is on again.
--beginning to process stacks of dishes/clothes. Cold water showers are good for you.
Day 12. Check out water heater: still wet. Don't dare plug it in again (the frightening combination of water, gas and electricity in a 25+ year old heater is, well, frightening). Grass needs to be cut. Take another cold water shower. Hectic day at work, but nice evening out.
Day 13. Today. Sleep. To do: cut grass, process clothes, tech editing. All of which are unrealistic expectations. Watch Firefly. Sleep some more.

Any friends that might be thinking of calling, now would be a really good time...

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