lunes, 11 de agosto de 2008


The light went out in the house yesterday. We isolated the problem, managed to get most lights back up and connected the fridge to one of the working plugs with one of those long cable thingies. But then the water started doing weird things... I showered with cold water this morning.

Anyway, the electricity guy was here today, and fixed the electric problem. I was hanging around while he worked, trying to figure out what had gone wrong (in general, gleaning info from the specialist, which I always find useful), when I saw a trickle of water in the garage... Sure enough, the water heater was peeing. A lot. The water heater holds 50 liters and maybe half of those were on the floor. I paid the electricity guy and cut the water to the house in the hopes that the peeing would stop. No luck. My guess is that there's still quite a bit left in the tank and I have to wait until it's all on the floor before the heater will stop leaking. Then, I'll try reconnecting the water to the house and if the heater starts leaking again, we'll know we're truly f****ed.

So now I have a heater to get fixed, plus some maybe some major plumbing. I have no water in the house. I don't know how I'll manage to take a shower tomorrow.I went to the neighbors to get some for washing hands and drinking. Carried it uphill and had to chuck some of it because the container was too full and I didn't want to improvise a wet-T contest then and there. Those of us who live with modern comforts cannot imagine how it rankles to actually have to work for the basic things in life. Of course, if I did this every day, I might actually have biceps, which I can't exactly claim to have now.

If any of you has jinxed me, now would be a good time to speak up. Whatever I've done to you, I think I've learned my lesson by now. I apologize, really. Whatever it is. Can you make it stop?

At least we have the light back and the fridge is working. We are rationing the water, but the beer is cold.

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