jueves, 7 de agosto de 2008

Tsetse tooth

I had my last wisdom tooth yanked out today and I'm feeling mostly fine. There's not a whole lot of swelling and it mostly doesn't hurt at all (I took some ibuprofen right after the procedure, but haven't needed any more since). However, I can't seem to wake up. I took a nap after lunch and it kept getting extended by ten minutes, twenty minutes, an hour... I'd wake every so often and will myself out of bed. No dice.

M saved me by calling me on the phone and making me talk to him until I was able to get up. If it weren't for him, the bedsheets (like meat eating plants), might have finished digesting me.

I finally seem to be reasonably alert now that I've been awake for an hour and have drunk some coffee, but I still wouldn't dream of driving a car or doing anything that requires motor control at this moment.

I'm wondering whether it's the anesthetic or whether loosing the last of my wisdom teeth was traumatic in some way. It seems unlikely; it's not like I used them a whole lot...

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