lunes, 5 de marzo de 2007

Giving blood

So, I went to give blood today, and everything was fine. The nurse looked thoughtful for a second when I told her I'd taken a few aspirin two days before, but we went ahead.

Everything was fine until I tried to remove the bandage two hours afterwards and blood started pooling in the bent of my elbow. Being the mega-rambo doctoress that I am, I left-handedly ripped some bandage-sticker-thingy with my teeth (where are all the good nurses when you need 'em?) and applied it to the dripping wound on my right elbow. It's stopped now and it looks like I'll survive.

Ok, this post is not very interesting, not even with all the exaggerations I've dumped on it, but I've been told I need to update frequently. So there, updated.

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