lunes, 17 de septiembre de 2007

Robert Jordan is dead

I've only read one of his novels, which I stole, along with a couple others, from a British pub in Rue Mouffetard, last year when I was living in Paris. I used to go there with Richard. We'd drink 3 euro pints of piss-water beer, talk and read. Since I went back often, I finished most of the books on site, but the Robert Jordan one was just way to long.

Before I left France at the end of the year, I put most of the books back, plus a couple I'd bought which I didn't want to take with me.

Whatever you think of Robert Jordan's writing, it's evident he changed the fantasy scene in addition to establishing a Guinness record for longest saga ever that will be impossible to crack (not that I think anyone should try)

The last book in the series was in the making. I wonder who will finish it.