jueves, 6 de septiembre de 2007

Sale! Master Yung to OG's Speculative Fiction

OG's Speculative Fiction has agreed to publish "Master Yung", one of my few straight SF stories.

"Master Yung" will be in this issue of the magazine, coming out on September 15th.

This is my second sale to OG's, the first one is due to appear in the anthology Forbidden Speculations.

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Steven J Dines dijo...

Congratulations on the SF sale. I'm new to the genre, but so far I've enjoyed my experience of it. I see you've also appeared in Strange Horizons. Great achievement. My first serious sci-fi effort appeared in Darker Matter #2. My second (& MUCH better) attempt, a 6000+word epic, is under consideration at Strange Horizons right now. If you ever have the time, I'd appreciate your thoughts on it and any market advice you might be able to give (assuming it comes back rejected, that is - I may have just jinxed things now!).

Thanks again for your kind words on 'Unzipped'. Much appreciated.


Artemisin dijo...

Hi Steven,

Yes, I really liked that story. I'd love to share market info with you (although I doubt I can do a better job than www.ralan.com or www.duotrope.com).

Email me.


Artemisin dijo...

Hmm, just realized I don't have an email adress up at the blog and I don't know how to add it in.


Steven J Dines dijo...

Thanks, sara. I'll be in touch. Received that rejection from Strange Horizons this morning - see, I DID jinx myself!