viernes, 14 de septiembre de 2007

Things You Learn When Your Parents Leave Home For The Summer

1. Despite what Mom always says, a body can live happily on pasta and sardines alone.

2. Chicken can taste off even before its expiration date.

3. The person who thought of covering the off taste of meat with spices and hot sauce was a genius.

4. A philosophical question, akin to the one about the tree in the forest: if a room is locked off for two months and nobody witnesses the slow sedimentation of dust, does the dust still make dust-bunnies?

5. The lawn and punk green hair may look alike, but there are some subtle differences. Hair that isn't cut in, say, three or four years, reaches its maximum length and doesn't grow any longer. Neglected lawn, on the other hand...

6. An empty fridge is the mother of invention.

7. It is always too late to cook.

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