miércoles, 26 de marzo de 2008

"A More Perfect Union" in Spanish: "Una Unión Más Perfecta"

I've noticed that people were finding my blog by searching google for Spanish translations of Barack Obama's "A More Perfect Union". When I posted the previous entry, I tried to find a Spanish version that my non-English proficient friends might find easier to follow, but at the time, I could only find the youtube video with subtitles.

Now, thanks to Antonio Semeco, there's a translation. It's surprisingly good, considering this wasn't an easy text to translate. Most of the strenght of the speech carried over into Spanish.

Check out the pdf translation.

In case you want to watch the speech, but need Spanish subtitles to help you along, here's the video, courtesy of Cuban for Obama. You can watch it here or zip over to his blog and watch it over there.

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