viernes, 7 de marzo de 2008

ETA Murder

Less than 48h before the general election, the terrorists have killed again. It'd been a while since the last killing, although I think this may be more because the police had a good streak than because ETA was going soft.

An armed man walked up to Isaias Carrasco and shot him three times, two on the chest, once on the throat. The ambulance people managed to get him alive to the hospital but he died there.

Isaias Carrasco lived in Mondragón and operated a toll booth. He belonged to the Socialist Party and he'd been an elect official for the town of Mondragón for a few years, although last year he wasn't re-elected and didn't get bodyguard protection. He made an easy target and the fact that he wasn't even involved in politics anymore (not even the low-level politics of small town government) didn't seem to worry the terrorists.

I wonder what they were trying for. Killing someone right before the general election might help the opposition Popular Party. I don't see why ETA would want the Popular Party to win, unless their hard-line rhetoric suits them by creating a half-arsed "justification" to their wanton bloodfest. On the other hand, since they've killed a Socialist, there might be a bit of a sympathy vote that might otherwise have stayed home. Abstention hurts the Socialist Party more than it does the PP and this might help to mobilize people.

I don't know. ETA has never had much logic behind their actions. When all it takes to kill is a psychopath with a gun and another psychopath waiting in the getaway car, logic soon goes the same way as morals.

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